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Syringe Filling System

The process chain encompasses the complete upstream and downstream process, including e-beam decontamination, isolator technology and barrier systems, and freeze dryers with automatic loading and unloading systems. With the help of the ExCube, Optima Pharma invites visitors to an interactive, 3D virtual tour of the high tech processing lines. Flying along the line, stopping to take a look at individual functions - even those normally hidden from the outside - everything is made possible. Three filling lines demonstrate a portion of the abilities of the turnkey supplier.
The first among the three is a complete line for filling and closing ready-to-fill syringes with a gel-like product. Two different syringe filling systems on the same machine are one of the highlights. The time pressure dosing system can be changed out with a rotary piston pump filling system as needed, and vice-versa. Filling and stopper setting can both take place under vacuum. The line also utilizes e-beam decontamination of tubs, while an open pressure regulated RABS ensures clean room class-A conditions in the filling and closing section. Particle monitoring and the air handling system for not only the line, but also the production rooms, was delivered by Optima Pharma. The line processes up to 36.000 syringes per hour, and is operable with filling volumes from 0.5mL to 10mL.