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Rommelag 3012 BFS

Stock Code: 1408

Model: 3012. Serial No: 31213085. Year: 1984

This is a 5 cavity aseptic blow fill and seal machine which can produce up to 1,300 pieces per hour. Complete with 1 set of moulds (10ml). The machine output is determined by the shape and weight of the container and the characteristics of the fill product and plastic material. The container is formed, filled and sealed in a continuous process automatically without any operator assistance, this is done in a sterile enclosed area within the machine. How the machine works: Pharmaceutical grade resin is extruded into a tube which is then formed into a container; a mandrel is inserted into the newly formed container and filled; the container is then sealed; all inside a sterile shrouded chamber inside the machine; the product is then discharged ready for packaging. Size: 3200mm x 1700mm x 2200mm high, weight 2000kg